Ever wonder why so many websites, particularly educational or informational sites, get such high rankings in Google, even though they know nothing about SEO?

The reason is very simple – content is still a top rank factor above all else.

Resource based websites are just doing their thing, without thinking, they disseminate valuable information. Some of those websites are not even great looking, extreme example: Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is the highest ranked website in the world for the largest amount of keywords. Sure, they dabble in a little bit of on-page SEO with clean URLs, relevant metadata, and frequent internal links, but Wikipedia is a non-profit organization that benefits from the kind donations of strangers. They don’t exactly have an SEO budget and arsenal proportional to the other big players.

Wikipedia’s greatest SEO benefit comes from the natural network effect of trillions of natural backlinks! People value their content, so they link to it. When someone likes the content on your website, they will naturally want to share it and link to it. In other words, you’re getting ‘free’ SEO, from complete strangers.

You don’t have to become the next Wikipedia, but definitely think about becoming the “Wikipedia” of your industry. Show your website visitors you’re an expert in your field, answer all their questions before they ask, and focus on consistently building high quality content over time.

3 Easy Ways to get more content out:

  • Make Free Reports or Whitepapers available on your website
  • Guest post articles or media on influential websites

Anna Gondzik

Anna is an accomplished WordPress dual role designer & developer with a passion for crafting immersive digital experiences. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a knack for user-centric design, Anna brings websites to life, seamlessly blending creativity and functionality. Armed with a strong command of WordPress, Anna specializes in creating responsive and captivating websites that not only attract audiences but also drive meaningful conversions. With a portfolio spanning various industries, Anna is dedicated to transforming ideas into visually stunning online realities, making the web a more engaging and visually pleasing space. Anna completed her degree in Digital Enterprise Management from the University of Toronto.