WordPress Website

Content Management Options

1. WordPress Maintenance Plan

the best solution for busy businesses

Our Proactive web maintenance plan and Custom web maintenance plan both cover ongoing content management. The Proactive maintenance plan includes up to 1-hour of content management per month. For reference as an example, the hour covers approximately 2-3 blog posts; or a few pdf replacements, content changes and a blog post; or processing and uploading 10 - 20 images to an image gallery.

2. Pay-per-task Option

a pay-as-you-go option for less active websites

Pay-per-task works best when content and tasks are aggregated into a numbered list. We will review the list of requests and provide an estimate and time frame.

Please note, in order to perform random website edits, we have to interpret your request and prepare the website environment each time. If you request small items frequently, for example, update a link, replace an image, delete a page or upload a blog post, the minimum is $30 each time. Please combine your requests whenever possible to keep costs down and free up time for other clients to get their requests handled in a timely manner.

Bulk Discounts

If you have 100+ blog posts it may be possible to reduce the processing costs down to $20 per post, depending on the average scope of a single post.

If you have x products, x images or x number of repetitive data entry tasks, please contact us for a review and quote.

3. WordPress Training

transfer some work in-house

Our WordPress training sessions are ideal for staff, webmasters and marketing teams that wish to process, format and optimize their own content. We cover image processing and optimization for web, and how to upload, edit and format content at a basic level.

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