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Convert your Figma mock-up designs into an ultra high quality, responsive, fast-loading WordPress website. Add easy maintenance, longevity and 5-star support.

Figma to WordPress conversion services
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30 Day Website Warranty

Get 30 days free technical support after launch!


Maximize Performance

Not all WordPress websites are created equal. In fact, the range of performance and quality can be staggering. Get your project done right the first time.

speed optimized fast page load

Speed Optimization

Get ultra-fast page load speeds. Test with gtmetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights.

responsive bootstrap wordpress

100% Responsive

Your WordPress website will be pixel-perfect on all devices and major browsers.

on-page SEO factors

On-page SEO

Technical SEO is now the default set-up. Test on-page SEO factors with

high quality wordpress theme development

Quality Assurance

Upon delivery, your WordPress website should be fully functional, usable and bug-free.

scalable wordpress theme


Our highly scalable architecture allows you to grow well beyond the average theme.

accessible wcap compliant wordpress web development


We help ensure your website is ADA / WCAG compliant for those with disabilities.

NDA + white label

We are happy to white-label our WordPress development services and sign an NDA if required. We work with agencies, IT departments and start-ups.

On-time Delivery

Timing is everything - we hit deadlines. And if you want to upgrade to rush delivery, we hit our deadlines harder.

Continued Support

We'll stick with you for years. We provide total WordPress website maintenance and security and onging content management options.

A quick cost-benefit analysis

Build your website on the most optimized WordPress framework.

The future matters. Think about your website’s longevity and maintenance costs after 2-3 years.

Cost-benefit analysis chart of standard wordpress vs optimized wordpress

Common issues with WordPress website development

  • Obsolete themes

    99% of WordPress themes become obsolete quickly. When no new updates get released, you end up stuck in whatever year the last version came out. This greatly increases maintenance costs as you try to keep up with the current year, while constantly patching up security holes and browser bugs.

  • Custom themes

    100% custom coded-from-scratch WordPress themes are generally a nightmare to update to newer versions of WordPress. Unless you have an entire team of dedicated WordPress developers working on releasing new versions of just your website’s theme, go with something rock solid, tested and regularly updated from the start. Most custom themes are "obsolete" by definition.

  • Poor quality themes

    Even if the theme manages to keep up with its new version releases, that doesn’t mean it won’t be a project to update. In fact, most WordPress themes are a massive project to update to their latest versions if they are loaded with plugins, features and complexity. Learn more about theme quality and selecting the best theme possible.

  • Bloated plugins

    Too many plugins increase maintenance costs, bugs, incompatibility, general issues and kill performance. Ironically, even “image optimization” plugins can slow down your website. More features on a website is not synonymous with a better website, especially if those features are gimmicky. It's better to have fewer, high quality, highly necessary plugins than to upload tons of junk plugins and deal with the fallout later.

  • Low Quality plugins

    Bugs, bugs and more bugs... do you enjoy pointing out bugs? Questionably rated or gimmicky plugins will not only drain resources, they can damage your website. Stay away from costly plugin mistakes or anything rated less than 4.6 with less than 10000 downloads.

  • Poor Content Management

    Some WordPress newbie’s are convinced by agencies that their front-end website editor is easy and fool-proof. And for the most part, it is... if your swapping text or writing a blog post. The issues with “newbie” based content management start outside the website with incorrect image processing, and end with attempting to add new website modules that conflict with the website’s theme.

Solving common issues with WordPress website development

  • 5-star "base" theme

    Think of it like WordPress on steroids. It's not a template, but rather a solid foundation and framework for your website. Because our theme has a dedicated team behind it and ongoing long-term support, we can easily manage regular updates, maintenance, security and change requests.

  • 100% custom design

    You can still get a completely custom website without completely "custom code." It's far better to build your website on a tried and tested, stable foundation than on flimsy code that expires after several months. We can create any custom design 1:1, maintain code integrity, and maximize website performance without compromising on the back-end or the design.

  • High Quality Framework

    Website optimization goes well beyond using the best WordPress theme. The most important job is setting up and configuring it properly! Your web developer must find the balance between maximizing output while minimizing bloat.

  • Fewer Plugins

    Achieving your website goals using the lowest number of plugins possible is optimal. A solid theme used correctly should already take at least half of the plugins you would normally use off the table. Fewer plugins equals less bloat, higher speeds, less maintenance and better overall performance.

  • High Quality Plugins

    5-star plugins from stable, reputable vendors is the way to go if a plugin is absolutely necessary for a specific function. We never install plugins with multiple features where you only need to use one feature. Plugins should generally be lightweight (minus WooCommerce), seamlessly compatible with the theme, and modified in a way that does not overwrite core functions that would break during an update. We prefer to develop a custom plugin where a lightweight, simple solution is required.

  • Excellent Content Management

    We provide 3 options for stress-free ongoing content management: our Proactive or Custom website maintenance plan, pay-per-task option, and WordPress content management training. All content management should be done with speed and on-page SEO factors in mind. This starts with proper image processing and takes into account hidden details such as content structure, meta-data, SEO-freindly URLs, alt tags, and more.


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100% Customized Premium Theme

We use the absolute best-rated WordPress framework of all time.

Fast & Optimized

Everything is written in JS - no AJAX loading, with complete bootstrap implementation.

Fewer Plugins

You can make any responsive design 1:1 with a comparably low rate of plugin use & maintenance

Future-proof Framework

Big team support with stable and regular version updates keeps your website’s life span in the top 2% (with maintenance)

Intuitive & Usable Front-end

Manage your own content with a WordPress editor that’s light years ahead of Visual Composer, Divi Builder, Elementor & more!

Figma to WordPress Conversion Process


Share your design files

Start by sending us your design files, either via storage link or attachment, along with a short description. We are happy to sign an NDA if required.


Receive a quote / proposal

Depending on the scope of your project, you will receive a quick estimate to start, followed by a detailed, itemized proposal after we gather more information about your technical requirements.


Start your project

Once the proposal is agreed to, we require a 40% deposit to get started. The next 30% milestone payment is due during the halfway mark, and the final 30% is due upon total completion of your project.


Go live!

Once the website is fully reviewed and approved, we will launch it on our server or your server.


Get ongoing support

Get 30 days of free support, unlimited testing and quality assurance with our 30-day website warranty. Enjoy complete WordPress website maintenance and security and onging content management options.

Figma to WordPress Conversion FAQs

YES. Our websites include speed optimization and on-page SEO by default.

If you wish to exclude any of these items, you may receive a ~20 - 30% discount, but we would strongly recommend solid optimization for the vast majority.

The cost of a website varies significantly depending on the details and scope of your project.

Assuming you don't have any heavy applications or out-of-the-box requests, an initial home page + landing page will generally be the most resource-intensive projects. Every subsequent landing and sub-page generally scales down in cost from that first template.

On average, initial template development (home + landing including a lead gen web form) runs about $1750, and subsequent web pages that are significantly lower usually $150 - $250. Due to economies of scale, the cost per page is better for larger websites, however, we do have recommendations and cost-cutting techniques for smaller websites or single landing pages. Please share your mock-ups with us so we can determine the best approach.


The turn-around time also varies significantly depending on the details and scope of your project.

On average, initial template development (home + landing including a lead gen web form) takes about 2 weeks, while subsequent web pages are significantly quicker to deliver, usually 1-3 days, again assuming you don't have any heavy applications or out-of-the-box requests.

Tell us about your new project.

We'd love to bring your designs to life.