Website Add-ons, Fixes and Change Requests

$40 minimum per change request

Due to the overwhelming volume of small change requests, we have installed a minimum order of $40 per change request. Please gather your all your change requests into one order / email, if at all possible. This will ensure faster and more effective service for everybody.

How to Place a Change Order

Please email (or Trello) your change order to whomever is appointed or recommended for your particular project. Do not email everyone on the team; this will result in slower service. Please respect other change orders. Your request(s) will be handle in consecutive order, unless it’s marked for priority. Priority orders will not affect or bump down orders that are already in the queue.

Priority Orders

If you need your change order performed in half the estimated time, a 50% surcharge will apply. Please inform us that you require expedited service, and we will ensure your tasks get completed in half the time.

Formatting Your Change Order

In order to ensure the quickest and most effective service, please send your change order as a numbered task list. Please avoid multiple emails, repetition, big paragraphs or lengthy explanations. If we have questions or require clarification, we will reply to the email or call you. If you send change requests and content in multiple email threads, there will be a higher chance of missed tasks and service will be slower for everybody. Try to aggregate your tasks and content into a single point of reference. If you realize you need additional work, please place a new change order.

Sending Your Content

If your change order involves content, please attach all your content to your change order. If you have big files to send, please use Google Drive or Dropbox. Please avoid sending a stream of emails with giant photo attachments.

Do not send faxes. Do not send brochures. Please transcribe all text into any editable digital format.

As mentioned above, the minimum for each change order is $40. This prevents many clients from sending us 10 emails a day, each pointing out a “tiny change” here or a “quick change” there. We would like to ensure fast, quality service for everyone, so please try to aggregate changes into a single change order.

Photo Processing

Almost all photos we receive are unprocessed and unfit for uploading on the web. If you send us photos to upload, our work estimate will always include photo processing by default. This includes resizing, fixing resolution, cropping, enhancement and standard compression. If you are submitting photos that are already processed for the web, please inform us. You will receive a discount.

“Quick” Changes

We would all like to believe that IT people have magical powers and can make website changes in 5 seconds. Sometimes that’s the case, but more often, it’s not. What might seem like a quick and easy change for you, may actually be more complicated. We always have to take into account browser compatibility, mobile devices, plugin conflicts and code conflicts. We often have to test the website after making changes to ensure everything works. Please keep in mind your website has 10,000+ files and nearly infinite lines of code.Furthermore, if you have a “quick” change, so do 100 other people. Please place a change order and we will handle it as quickly as possible.

Accepting an Estimate

When you place a change order, we will send you a written cost and time estimate. Please confirm the estimate by responding to that email, not over the phone, not by responding vaguely to another email, and not by ignoring the email and assuming that we are doing the work after receiving zero confirmation.You send change order >> We send estimate >> You send confirmation >> Work starts.

Non-Client Change Orders

If we do not host your website and you are not subscribed to any maintenance plan under Itec, we reserve the right to request a 50% upfront deposit for any change orders.

For more information, please refer to Itec’s web services Terms & Conditions. 

This page has been updated Sep, 2023.