The “lazy” attitude many business owners have about website content and why it’s costing them a fortune is missed selling opportunities – and leaving their competitors laughing all the way to the bank.

Many business owners understand they need a professional, well-designed website.

After all, first impressions are everything. Everyone knows the value of LOOKING like you belong when a qualified prospect lands on your website searching for a solution to a problem or unfulfilled need.

But here’s the shocker: Many of those same business owners pay lip service when it comes to populating their new website (or their existing one) with content.

They think of content as an annoying nuisance.

Like somehow, because they hired a web designer to create their site, the 'content' will magically show up.

Let’s walk this back a bit…

What’s the objective of a website for over 95% of business owners?

To generate sales leads.

Since all sales opportunities eventually lead to the inevitable ‘Do you have a website?’ query, your website is your #1 online salesperson.

Many business owners have no idea that their fortune is determined almost SOLELY by their web content.

There isn’t a prospect on the planet who is sitting around thinking ‘boy, I can hardly wait 'til another business fires up a new website and lists all their products and services along with some boring content that does nothing to make me want to buy.’

Your web copy has to somehow convince a prospect that he’d be crazy not to pick you to do business with.

Think that can be done with blah blah content? If so, you can stop reading now.

In short, your web copy has to lead your prospect through your selling process in a structured strategic way if you want to have a chance to convert that prospect into a paying customer.

That takes sales copy – not 'content'.

The copy on your website is the LIFEBLOOD of your business

Think of it this way: A professional website design – one that looks great and meshes with search engines - is the “business suit” your online salesperson greets your prospect with.

But that’s just the price of being in the game.

To actually achieve any sales results, you need to present your selling proposition in a compelling way.

Anyone can cram their site with graphics and some vanilla, 'water off a duck' copy like ‘great customer service’ and ‘our highly qualified team’ – the stuff you see everywhere.

Here’s a million dollar tip: Most of your competitors do just that which means YOU have an opportunity to eat their lunch by making sure your sales story is effectively presented.

Without a compelling online sales story – often simplistically referred as “your content” – you’re dead.

Yes, sales copy IS content. But THIS content will be the difference between you generating a steady stream of sales leads and having a flourishing business or - struggling every day trying to grind out a living so you can somehow pay bills or make payroll.

Anna Gondzik

An accomplished full-stack web designer / developer, Anna excels in creating immersive digital experiences. Her expertise lies in combining aesthetics with user-centric functionality, crafting responsive websites that captivate and convert. With a strong WordPress command, Anna's work spans various industries, transforming concepts into stunning digital realities. A University of Toronto Digital Enterprise Management graduate, she's committed to enhancing the web's interactive appeal.