Why Choose us?

Simply put, we care about your business.

This isn’t your average “why choose us?” sales pitch. Yes, “We have 10 years experience, we build powerful websites, we listen, we're honest, we’re creative, we’re friendly..” and so on. But there are more important points to consider before choosing the right web development company.

Verified 3rd Party Reviews

Business owners have grown weary in response to all the fake onsite testimonials circulating online. We allow our clients to post their actual projects and reviews to 3rd party review sites specifically for web developers.

Check out our 5-star feedback on WWDC and Clutch.

We are Marketing-Focused

Most web developers don’t care about marketing your business. They program websites. They may even program beautiful websites. But that doesn’t mean your website will generate any leads. And standard "SEO" packages won't cut it.

In order to convert prospects into paying customers, a website has to be built with your target audience in mind. That means the right sales copy, layout, landing pages, CTAs and lead generation tools have to be implemented. Our focus goes beyond just a beautiful website. Our goal is to convert your traffic into more phone calls, leads and ultimately sales for your business.

We Specialize in Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS)

Your business website should be built on a solid open source CMS platform, such as WordPress. With WordPress, you can edit and manage your own content (if you wish, you don’t have to). You will have full ownership and control over your website. If you’re not happy with your web developer at any point for whatever reason, you can easily switch to a new one without starting from scratch.

In contrast, with a proprietary content management system, you are locked in with one developer or company who will dictate terms and conditions. Switching can be impossible or costly.

Milestone Payment Plan

Beware of companies who ask for 50% or more of the total project value up front. This is risky business and sparks the most horror stories. Once they have your money, suddenly the tone changes. Communication becomes more difficult, terms become more misunderstood, and well… you probably know the story.

Our payment terms on big projects keep both sides safe. We request a 40% deposit, followed by a Halfway Milestone (30%) and finally, the last payment (30%) is made after project is complete.

Transparent & Affordable Pricing

Even if you have extremely custom requirements for your project, you should at least have a general idea of what it should cost. Are you tired of calling up web design companies only to get an hour-long sales pitch before they give you any prices? That’s because their prices vary immensely, and no, not because it’s “totally custom.” But because they want to gauge what kind of company you are and what your budget is first.

We have nothing to hide. Our fixed prices are visible up front. Our hourly rates are up front. And most of our add-ons are fixed line items. Because honesty is the best policy, and it saves time on both sides.

Optional Maintenance

While we strongly recommend an affordable web maintenance plan and hosting plan with us, we cannot force you. Most professional web design companies make you sign-up for a $200+ monthly term just to keep your website up and running. That’s $2400+ annually just to keep it live!

With Itec, you can take your website and run with it: choose your own plan, maintain it yourself, let your own in-house staff manage it or even choose another company for maintenance work. It’s your website, it’s your code. You’re never locked in with some cheap website builder or mass template company.

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