Boost business with a website that engages.


We build fully responsive websites that convert prospects into loyal customers.

Attract Attention

Generate targeted traffic consistently with an SEO-friendly website, active & effective online ad campaigns and a strong social media presence.

Build Interest

Engage your audience and maximize interaction with conversion-centred design, built-in lead generation tools, and most importantly, killer content!

Convert to Profit

Turn strangers online into customers and promoters. Maximize customer lifetime value through relationship building, email and content marketing


Get a website that drives sales for your business.

In the online world, your website is your #1 sales tool.

Some of your prospects will want to learn more about your products or services before they buy, while others will want to place an order immediately. Your website must be able to build interest, nurture and convert those visitors into loyal customers. The better your website converts all that traffic into leads and sales, the more profit you'll make.

Compelling Sales Copy

High quality content is the fire, your website and distribution channels are the gasoline. Your content must project trustworthiness, professionalism and expertise in your field. Remember, your website’s text is what speaks to, inspires, and ultimately persuades your buyers.

Effective Website Design

A website is like a piece of virtual real estate – would you set-up your business in rundown shack in the desert or in a professional metropolis office on the intersection of the busiest streets? Itec works with you to create an SEO-friendly, responsive website that engages your audience.

Optimized Landing Pages

Your landing pages do the real sales work. Once visitors arrive on your website, you have 4 – 8 seconds to inspire them or they will leave you for a competitor with a more engaging landing page. Our landing pages are designed to turn the maximum number of visitors into customers.

Strong Lead Generation Tools

Once you have your audience’s attention, it’s important to provide them with relevant and valuable information to reinforce their decision to stay, or interact with them immediately to gather their data and save a point of contact.

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