Many marketers who have an FAQ page on their websites are leaving a fortune in missed opportunities on the table. This article will show you how you can transform your FAQ page into a powerful selling tool deal that elbows your competitors to the side and puts you at the front of the line.

We’ve all seen them – a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page on a website that helps us get quick answers to basic questions.

‘What is Instagram?’

‘How much is your app?’

‘Where does the name come from?’

‘What other services are you compatible with?’

If your FAQ uses this approach, you’re losing sales that should be yours.

Here’s why:

When your prospect goes to your FAQ page, you have their undivided attention. They are looking for information. That’s a luxury we, as marketers, don’t often enjoy in today’s hectic world of nano-second attention spans.

And when we get that opportunity, we need to use it wisely.

Sure, answer all the creampuff stuff – but not at the beginning of your FAQ questions and answers.

Let me explain.

Years ago, I had a client in the laser eye industry. An industry that is very competitive. And very price focused.

After interviewing the doc who owned the clinic, I learned that there were a number of things he offered that his competitors did not.

One of them was that he owned the clinic.

Now, on the face of it, this might not seem like a big deal to potential clients.

Until, that is, it’s presented in a meaningful way.

Enter his FAQ page.

We changed his first question from ‘Are you open Saturdays?’ to ‘Do you own the clinic?’

What this did is it gave the doc a chance to explain – in a different context – WHY the prospect should go with a doc who owns the clinic.

His answer opened his prospects’ eyes (sorry) to a “hidden” benefit they might never consider during their buying process.

At that time, many laser eye docs RENTED an office that had the medical equipment and staff.

They swooped in, did a number of surgeries on a given day and gone! Back to their hospitals to their “regular” jobs.

The answer to ‘Do you own the clinic?’ explained this practice and proceeded to point out that a doc who owned the clinic would be much more likely to provide prompt, on-going follow up care than a rent-a-doc who had other priorities.

Now, let’s assume you were considering laser eye surgery and had narrowed down your list to a couple of docs and landed on this doc’s FAQ site.

You read that question and the answer.

What’s the first thing you would do? I’m betting it would be to check with the other docs on your “maybe” to see if THEY owned their clinic.

You may learn they don’t and quietly slip away and become a patient of the doc who was doing a professional job of doing what he should be doing – helping you make an educated buying decision.

Now, imagine if this same doc had 3 or 4 questions that positioned him in a beneficial way against his competitors?

The impact could be so compelling that prospects may immediately pick up the phone to book a consultation.

This particular client had four things in total that he did differently. I have no idea how many new patients his FAQ brought in but chances are, it played a key role.

That’s the selling power of an effectively designed FAQ page.

Direct response copywriting – copywriting that generates immediate response – is a mystery to many business owners. I use my FAQ page to educate them and help them understand the differences between me and my competitors.

Anna Gondzik

An accomplished full-stack web designer / developer, Anna excels in creating immersive digital experiences. Her expertise lies in combining aesthetics with user-centric functionality, crafting responsive websites that captivate and convert. With a strong WordPress command, Anna's work spans various industries, transforming concepts into stunning digital realities. A University of Toronto Digital Enterprise Management graduate, she's committed to enhancing the web's interactive appeal.