Tech-savvy and competitive businesses rapidly adopt mobile technologies as consumers allocate more of their time to mobile devices (about a third of North America uses smart phones on a regular basis, 2014 – and this figure is growing). It’s no secret that the most successful businesses today now have websites that are 100% mobile compatible. And right behind mobile web browsing, ERP solutions are getting on board with the switch to enterprise mobility. Mobile business will dominate the ERP market for 2 big reasons:

Business Anytime

Mobile devices provide 24/7 access to information and eliminate all time barriers that might hinder business activities or transactions. The traditional 9 – 5 model loses meaning. Mobility is bringing all the data, processes, social media and anything on the web in one place. We enter a domain where managers, employees, and clients have the ability to easily conduct business in one place without having to depend on back office staff and IT departments. This unified and easy experience gets things done faster and easier. Companies are using mobile devices to revolutionize the way they share data, place orders, process payments, track inventory, handle shipments and stay up to date with real time information. When business process efficiency for finance, sales, logistics and operations is magnified tenfold, companies have the time to focus on other priorities.

Business Anywhere

With high-speed Internet access now widespread and cloud based ERP software, companies can conduct business and transactions not just around the clock, but around the world. Mobile devices eliminate geographic and location barriers. Your business doesn’t leave you when you step out the office door or even go to the bathroom. Convenience at its best also happens to be cost-effective. A lot of companies have adopted Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies that allow employees to use their own mobile devices for business-related tasks. According to the Good Technology – State of BYOD Report 2011, by 2015, 76% of all companies will be supporting BYOD. In other words, employees will be paying out-of-pocket for what would otherwise be a business expense! By combining context, such as location, time of the day with business processes and reporting, companies can really transform the way they engage with their partners, employees and customers.

Run your business at your fingertips.. and gain competitive advantage.

Sana Salam, Sodales Solutions Inc.

Business leaders will prioritize mobile investments as tablets and smart phones quickly become the most popular systems of engagement. Emerging companies, like Sodales Solutions Inc., one of a handful in Canada, aim to provide a seamless transition from desktop work stations to conducting business activities on the go. Sodales customizes complex enterprise frameworks such as SAP to integrate all data, reporting and ERP systems into mobile devices.

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