Client Questionnaire for Established Businesses

What is the URL of your current website, if applicable?

What is your intended launch date for the new website? *

Please select your budget range for this project. *

If you don’t have a website, is this your first time ordering web development services? *

Are you working on this project with any 3rd party contractors, marketers, writers, business partners or project managers? Please list.

Please list the URLs of your top competitors, if applicable.

How does your business or organization differentiate itself from competitors?

Do you have any favorable reviews, ratings or case studies? Please describe.

Do you have any credentials, awards or important licenses? Please describe.

Do you have any positive PR? Have you been featured in any prominent publications or are you affiliated with any well-known companies in your industry? Please describe.

Please describe the demographics of your target market to the best of your ability. (Typical age range, male/female ratio, average education level, income level, geographic location or any vital stats pertaining to your product or service) *

What marketing channels are currently generating the most leads for your business or organization? Please describe.*

How is first contact made with most customers/clients (phone call, email, in person or other)? Please describe.*

What are the top two questions that prospects ask when they initially contact your business?*

What is the average length of your sales cycle*

Would you be interested in on-page SEO, website lead generation tools, conversion-optimization and content marketing? (ie. would you be interested in finding out more information on how to generate traffic to your website and convert website visitors into customers?)*

Do you currently have any marketing plans or campaigns set-up after the website launches? Will you require corresponding landing pages? Please let us know if you need more information or help with web marketing options.

Do you need help with writing your sales copy? If you're writing your web copy in-house, do you need editing or optimizing for website conversions? Approximately, how much written content will you be supplying and how much will you require written or edited? *

Will you be supplying any imagery, photos or graphics pertaining to your product or service? Please describe. *

Does your business require branding and professional logo design? *