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Get found and attract qualified prospects

Attracting targetted traffic is an integral part of online marketing success. We have helped countless businesses establish a solid online presence through inbound marketing: the single most effective and efficient way to get more customers online period. Inbound marketing is the process of distributing unique, quality content through various channels, such as blogs, email and social media, to draw prospects (and search engines) toward your company, and ultimately, the products and services you have to offer.

Is your website designed to sell?

A website is often the biggest first impression people will have of your business. In fact, a recent Stanford Study indicated that over 75% of web users admit that they judge a company’s credibility based on their website’s design. There is no point in generating traffic, spending countless dollars on SEO and PPC, if your website is not built to convert. Conversion optimized websites consistently deliver more leads and a significantly higher ROI. iTec helps your website convert visitors with the right content, design and engagement tools.

Convert visitors and boost sales.

At iTec, we build websites with one purpose, to convert as many visitors as possible.

Marketing Copy

High quality content is the fire, your website and distribution channels are the gasoline. Your content must project trustworthiness, professionalism and expertise in your field. Remember, your website’s text is what speaks to, inspires, and ultimately persuades your buyers.

Landing Pages

Your landing pages do the real sales work. Once visitors arrive on your website, you have 4 – 8 seconds to inspire them or they will leave you for a competitor with a more engaging landing page. Our landing pages are designed to turn the maximum number of visitors into customers.

Web Design

A website is like a piece of virtual real estate – would you set-up your business in rundown shack in the desert or in a professional metropolis office on the intersection of the busiest streets? iTec works with you to create a SEO-friendly, responsive website that engages your audience.

Lead Generation tools

Once you have your audience’s attention, it’s important to provide them with relevant and valuable information to reinforce their decision to stay, or interact with them immediately to gather their data and save a point of contact.

Drive traffic with Inbound Marketing

The days of cold-calling, and distributing flyers are over. We’re passionate about helping clients succeed online.


It may seem counter-intuitive for some, but blogging fuels lead generation like no other method online. Period. Just one original, well-written blog post per week will multiply your traffic many fold by your first year. We develop and configure advanced blogging tools that are engaging, SEO-friendly and super easy to use!

Paid Search

Want new business instantly? Paid search provides immediate exposure in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Small to medium business often don’t have the time and resources to manage their campaigns effectively. iTec is Google Adwords certified and we specialize in optimizing your PPC campaign, so you can focus on your business.


It can be tough to separate out-dated SEO fads with relevant information that generates meaningful results. Our SEO philosophy has remained the same for years: valuable content is king above all else. We enhance, boost and prop up your website’s content through proper on-page technical optimization and ongoing article writing.

Social Media

As Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube gain traction in affecting SEO results, your SEO strategy must include a healthy mix of the best social media profiles managed and tailored to your industry. iTec specializes in full social media integration. Get your target audience to share, tweet and like your content faster!